Our Counseling Perspective

We believe that people are made to experience the peace and comfort that comes from being securely loved.  Love honors.  Love accepts.  Love pursues.  Love believes.  Love endures.  Love is designed to create a relational environment of positional security where are not left on our own to wonder if we are ok in the relationship.  When doubt arises love allows us to seek fulfillment of the needs with which we were designed and created – such as peace, comfort, security, significance, and joy.  

Secure love is pictured ultimately in the relationship of God with His chosen people.  He chooses, redeems, and provides a secure and significant relationship through Jesus Christ, and then promises to always be faithful to sustain and provide for our every need.  Of course, none of can love as God loves His beloved children, but the picture is clear for how our relationships are best to function.  God is love, and we learn how to love one another best through knowing what He says and does, and experiencing security and significance His way.  

Our counseling employs this picture of secure love in the gospel within a theoretical framework of attachment theory and systemic thinking.  We seek changes for clients in a way that will produce core changes.  Although we see behavioral and circumstantial change as important, we believe a more significant service to our clients is produced if we consider a focus on change that occurs at a heart kind of level. 

Standard hourly counseling sessions can be scheduled here

CounselCoach Membership

Designed for leaders, CounselCoach is a membership program for individuals who want to invest in their own heart health and growth.  Our members desire to lead their teams from a secure place of rooted strength, relational integrity, and unshakable confidence for deepest impact and sustainable longevity. Acute self-awareness and a highly developed emotional/relational capacity are essential qualifications for a healthy leader. Unfortunately, countless men and women who rise to positions of influence because of their gifted personalities often neglect investing into their inner lives. Over time, the constant demands of their role drain them and rob their internal reserves. The results of this neglect are seen today at epic rates, usually disillusioning and often devastating to all involved.

Whether you’re a pastor, business owner, ministry leader, c-suite executive, social influencer, author or artist or athlete, we would love to come alongside you to support your investment into your own heart strength. As your trusted counselor and coach, advisor and friend for the long haul, CounselCoach is for those who value self-discovery, accountability, growth, and purposeful camaraderie.

CounselCoach Membership is $500/month and includes:

  • Bi-Monthly 60 minute session with your CounselCoach, Rick Pierce
  • Access to your Coach for help as needed
  • Weekly email checkins
  • Helpful resources, recommendations and experiences

Apply to become a CounselCoach member here

Counseling Intensives

When people find themselves in very difficult seasons of personal crisis, HeartStrong offers a version of counseling that is intended to help gain insight, awareness, and steady ground as soon as possible. Counseling intensives are offered with an understanding that times of acute crisis require acute, skilled care. This counseling experience is designed to help during or after a time of relational, moral or professional crisis.

Intensives are scheduled as 2 or 3 day experiences. The time is usually spent in a personal counseling experience with Rick Pierce.  The morning hours are in counseling, then you take a break for lunch, and meet again for the afternoon. Evenings are on your own to process the experiences of the day. The time spent with Rick is like spending several days in a counselor’s living room receiving care, catching your breath, being refreshed, and perhaps finding your strength again. Counseling can be for an individual or couple.

Goals of the intensive vary greatly upon the situation currently experienced by the client(s). Often the first intensive will help you define the true problems and help you see a more clear path forward toward healing. The goals of an initial intensive involve receiving emotional and spiritual care, developing a much greater awareness of what caused the current suffering, developing a greater awareness of your own history, developing emotional and relational skills, and gaining insight to create a plan for healing and change.

To schedule an intensive, send us an email at info@heartstrongministry.com