The vision of HeartStrong is to help ministry leaders to become healthy, effective, loving leaders with strength and longevity.

Core Principles

Limitations – “I am not enough”
HeartStrong leaders have a relentless commitment to live honestly with their sin, struggles, and sufferings.  
Longings – “I am needy”
HeartStrong leaders seek to stay connected to the divinely appointed longings in their hearts.  
Loved – “I am loved”
HeartStrong leaders learn to live out of the strength of being profound receivers of love.  
Loving – “I am called to love”
HeartStrong leaders find their greatest joy in leading from love.

Skills and Expertise

HeartStrong counseling is performed almost exclusively by Rick Pierce, who is a proven and gifted counselor.   Counseling is a very important part of healing, growth, and maintenance.  
Wisdom and experience with leadership issues of many different kinds make us a trusted voice  for those in need.  Our expertise is found primarily in three areas:  1.  Organization and leadership health assessment  2. Walking with leaders and organizations through conflict resolutions  3. Walking with leaders and organizations through reconciliation plans...especially in times of leadership moral failure.  
Rick Pierce teaches for various events like church staff retreats, leadership retreats, workshops, conferences, marriage events, weekend preaching, and writing projects.  
“It is a profound gift to have someone steward discernment, Biblical wisdom and the tender eyes of the Father and apply those like balm to a weary heart. Rick Pierce has given that gift to my husband and me — along with countless friends. Our lives and our family are forever impacted by the remarkable ministry of HeartStrong.”
Sara Hagerty
Author and Speaker
“Rick has been our counselor of choice at PastorServe for many years. I trust him completely to care for any pastor I send to him. His care and wisdom are the essential ingredients of a wonderful counselor. He truly is the counselor to pastors in Kansas City and beyond.”
Jimmy Dodd
President of PastorServe